Why is certificate attestation needed?

Legally authenticated documents are required in most of the situations while you move abroad. Thousands of people move abroad every year in pursuit of better jobs and a better life. Almost all of them will have faced issues regarding legal documents while looking for a job or applying for a visa. Some people even had to return back because of not having valid documents with them. The aim of attestation is to prove that the document one submits for use in a foreign country is legally verified from their home country or the country the certificate was issued.

Certificate Attestation is a method of verifying the authenticity of a certificate with the sign of an authorized personnel. The process for this includes submitting the documents to the authorized persons in depending on your country.

Importance of attestation

Attested documents are required while applying for a visa to move abroad. Visa will be approved only if one submit legally verified documents. Attested documents will be required when applying for a family visa, residence visa and in many other situations.

When you have a stamp on your certificates or documents, it is a sign that your documents have been legally verified from the authorities in your country and can be verified from the ministry of foreign affairs or respective authority in the country you are planning to visit.

Attested educational documents are required when a student plans to study abroad. This is done as to prove that the previous educational documents he/she submit to the university are legally verified. This verified the authenticity of the document you submit. This is required in almost all the country as to avoid fraudulent activities.

The steps and the documents required vary depending on the country you are planning to. Make sure you submit all the documents properly to avoid hassles during the process.